Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alibaba Ma: Even if I have to finally kneeling down

The last years of Chinese business leaders will be, so many speakers, only the Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma in the table, "alarmist" to remind you that "winter is coming," did not expect a prophecy. In yesterday's "2008 Seventh Annual Meeting of Chinese business leaders", the Ma appeared again, and the last worry-he was the talk of a "strong" and "confidence."

鈻?"Whoever who have the opportunity to meet"

According to the latest Merrill Lynch forecast for 2009 global growth will slow to 1.3%, the lowest since 1982. Even restaurant owners are asking, "When the crisis in the past," while Ma's answer is "the second half of next year," "because the second half of next year, you'll adapt."

"If you think this is a disaster, disaster has come, if you think this is an opportunity, then the opportunity to be formed." Ma's speech yesterday, filled with inspirational mood, he is convinced that good companies can still rise in the face of adversity, with particular emphasis, "Good entrepreneurs must learn to adapt to the environment than others, in advance, who should have the opportunity to meet the Who. to do business at least 5 years and 10 years of consideration, what two or three years of disaster is not a disaster."

鈻?"crisis is opportunity risk"

"Crisis is opportunity risk. The so-called crisis of human society into the global business community pain." Ma believes that globalization is the United States of the former, the United States to its values, the financial outlook by all means pass to the world, and as the information age and the Internet, such a system can no longer exist.

Leading China's largest e-commerce businesses, Ma on China's current response to a series of high recognition. He pointed out that the first actions the Chinese government launched a major initiative to stimulate domestic demand of 10 is even more generous cut interest rates four times in two months, which was laid a foundation for future economic recovery.

At yesterday's forum, China Merchants Bank president Ma Weihua Ma's point of view and ingeniously echoed around them. Ma Weihua just finished "to save enterprises is to save themselves," Ma followed by the cry, "If the bank does not change, we change banks, I firmly believe that three years later, this country, the world will be more perfect system of loans to SMEs" .

鈻?"Even if the knees, I have finally fallen"

But Ma feeling now is not lack of money, he repeated in his speech called on the Chinese entrepreneurs should come out in a crisis, entrepreneurship, dreams and values, and the courage to act, a common response.

Ma tried to use their own experience anxiety infects all depressed counterparts - 2002 Internet bubble crisis, that my slogan is to be the last person down. Even if the knees, I have finally fallen. And I firmly believe that time, I difficulties, it was more difficult than I am, I'm sad, I am more sorry than opponents, who Aode Zhu is the winner. Give up is the biggest failure, if you turn off your plants, turn off your business, you never have the chance to come back.

Ma concluded that after 10 years the community will enter a new era, the market will be more prosperous. The first step in the throes of the 21st century, tells us, only more open, with the vision to go for a long time. Even "strong pig" can live, why did you not?


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