Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alibaba Ma: Even if I have to finally kneeling down

The last years of Chinese business leaders will be, so many speakers, only the Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma in the table, "alarmist" to remind you that "winter is coming," did not expect a prophecy. In yesterday's "2008 Seventh Annual Meeting of Chinese business leaders", the Ma appeared again, and the last worry-he was the talk of a "strong" and "confidence."

鈻?"Whoever who have the opportunity to meet"

According to the latest Merrill Lynch forecast for 2009 global growth will slow to 1.3%, the lowest since 1982. Even restaurant owners are asking, "When the crisis in the past," while Ma's answer is "the second half of next year," "because the second half of next year, you'll adapt."

"If you think this is a disaster, disaster has come, if you think this is an opportunity, then the opportunity to be formed." Ma's speech yesterday, filled with inspirational mood, he is convinced that good companies can still rise in the face of adversity, with particular emphasis, "Good entrepreneurs must learn to adapt to the environment than others, in advance, who should have the opportunity to meet the Who. to do business at least 5 years and 10 years of consideration, what two or three years of disaster is not a disaster."

鈻?"crisis is opportunity risk"

"Crisis is opportunity risk. The so-called crisis of human society into the global business community pain." Ma believes that globalization is the United States of the former, the United States to its values, the financial outlook by all means pass to the world, and as the information age and the Internet, such a system can no longer exist.

Leading China's largest e-commerce businesses, Ma on China's current response to a series of high recognition. He pointed out that the first actions the Chinese government launched a major initiative to stimulate domestic demand of 10 is even more generous cut interest rates four times in two months, which was laid a foundation for future economic recovery.

At yesterday's forum, China Merchants Bank president Ma Weihua Ma's point of view and ingeniously echoed around them. Ma Weihua just finished "to save enterprises is to save themselves," Ma followed by the cry, "If the bank does not change, we change banks, I firmly believe that three years later, this country, the world will be more perfect system of loans to SMEs" .

鈻?"Even if the knees, I have finally fallen"

But Ma feeling now is not lack of money, he repeated in his speech called on the Chinese entrepreneurs should come out in a crisis, entrepreneurship, dreams and values, and the courage to act, a common response.

Ma tried to use their own experience anxiety infects all depressed counterparts - 2002 Internet bubble crisis, that my slogan is to be the last person down. Even if the knees, I have finally fallen. And I firmly believe that time, I difficulties, it was more difficult than I am, I'm sad, I am more sorry than opponents, who Aode Zhu is the winner. Give up is the biggest failure, if you turn off your plants, turn off your business, you never have the chance to come back.

Ma concluded that after 10 years the community will enter a new era, the market will be more prosperous. The first step in the throes of the 21st century, tells us, only more open, with the vision to go for a long time. Even "strong pig" can live, why did you not?


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jinshan said the domestic A-share listed denied rumors false

Jinshan October 8 for the first time to respond to domestic A-share listed applications have been rejected, and rumors of financial fraud, said the report was completely inaccurate, not any basis.

Jinshan published yesterday a statement that the China Securities Regulatory Commission took note of recent media Youguan Jinshan A 鑲?Zeng refused to listing applications, and increase revenue accounting in solving problems of asset trade accounts receivable adjustment Zuochu allegations However, the Jinshan said report and the allegations were completely untrue and is not any basis.

Earlier, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and some Hong Kong media, received an anonymous letter, questioning the accounts of the prospectus Kingsoft problems, and news that China Securities Regulatory Commission has submitted Jinshan A share listing application, but because the accounts and other problems were refused. HKEx Listing Division of the follow-up investigation immediately, but will not affect the normal IPO process Jinshan.

Generally speaking, the new listed company listed in the official report with virtually all suffered similar, while the Hong Kong Listing Division to report the receipt of Hou from investors to the relevant company Lejie further Qing Kuang, such as request additional supplementary information, etc.. But there are so few listed companies to report the delay.

According to the latest bulletin shows Jinshan tomorrow 9:30 traded in HKEx, share board lot size of 1,000 shares, the stock code 3888.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

District Extension: I dare go?

I. Changes

Community promotion is the more common building materials industry, the promotion of one of the ways. However, as communities, "trench warfare" is becoming more competitive as well as the general trend, the more difficult the operation of the larger industry, mainly in:

1. National hardcover room policy, the developer of unified procurement, unified decoration, residential customers to promote the objectives of the loss.

2. Domestic class cities, especially Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the growing high-end real estate management standards to promote resistance to a larger plot.

3. Long-term promotional activities to develop the residential property management or sales office staff, "savvy sense of" the saying goes, gone up a few years ago to promote business district during the time, on district property or sales personnel's apply to the Department of small favors, you can drive straight, but with the district to promote competition becomes more intense, Party (district property or sales offices) requirements have gone up, the so-called Yuhenantian, increasing the cost of cell extension, in the eyes of a number of manufacturers or merchants be sad to: eat a token gesture.

4. In addition, owners are becoming increasingly resistant to the District Extension. On the one hand is used to plot the promotion, the promotion of the owners were dazzled Gaode "visual fatigue", on the other hand a lot of plot to promote a number of irregularities in the way the owners of the privacy invasion range: for example, too many single-page-home, too number of false promises, too many phone harassment, interfering with the owners of a normal life.

Second, short board

Of course, as this writer observed, business promotion or counseling during residential district to promote dealers, they more or less a problem, mainly:

1. To meet the company's district promotion policy, in order to promote and promote. Such as screening, scale to meet the company's leading inspection, muddling along. Why promote the enterprise's business district staff will simply deal with it? One of my friends from the marketing From well said: Marketers will be the assessment of their efforts to do something, and not expect to do business they do. By examination of the matter is "must do", and the treatment of operational staff, performance-related, business people naturally strive to be, or else no hope of promotion, losing their jobs. Are expected to do, is to "propose to do," can not do business people do, naturally hold more less attitude and thinking. This is the weakness of human nature, human nature is Inherent.

2. Corporate marketing personnel from high above, from reality. Did not plot a way to promote rigid, inflexible. Markets such as the battlefield, different times and in different regions, different objects, where possible way to promote cell differentiation. This can be targeted. But some business marketing personnel often have to promote uniform thinking, can not tolerate the slightest change. In fact uniform is necessary, first of all consider the basic elements of the uniform, uniform stacking of products such as on-site, the basic tone of unity, the unity of the scene Shopping guide language. But the promotion of the rhythm, the combination of elements, where possible to vary the strategy.

3. Scratch the surface and get into difficulty binding the hands. No taste cell to promote the benefits. But a taste of operating district to promote the trouble: the trouble of preparing materials, organizing of trouble, cell communication trouble, financial troubles and other inputs.

4. Plot strategy and means to promote lack technique: sales and promotion of their own way: corporate marketing staff and sales going on, and the management of all of the site. The promotion and extension, ignoring the means to promote integration. District Extension 5 years ago, you can "think" that like to do on how to do and how they can be. But with competition fierce. Community promotion strategies and methods must be change and sublimation. Because the District Extension is one of many ways to promote, from the perspective of integrated marketing communication understood that all means of communication should be around a strategy and subject to the organic combination and advance. Here are a few key: first, a certain stage of communication can only be a subject does not allow other noise occurs; so this stage demands that all means of communication should be the same subject. Second, is the organic combination of means of communication, not just cobble it together. Third, the promotion of organic, according to the same subject, same tactics, choose different combinations of communication, and gradually advance. So conclusion, plot his ultimate promotion to play, in addition to its own innovations, and other means should be merged together.

Third, the solution

So, is getting smaller and smaller communities to promote space, has to a dead end, of course not, as a strategy to promote cell

Strategy and methods, there is still much room for maneuver:

1. Real estate from the temperature to hot, a great space. Really "great unity of people across the country, setting off a high tide of socialist construction", the real estate market before 2004, if you can use "warming" to describe it, in recent years can be "provocative" the. In 2006 the total domestic GDB, 40% of the real estate contributions. There is a market there is consumption, residential promotion has the potential to be tapped.

2. With the improvement of living standards, people have become increasingly demanding of the decoration, the decoration is not a simple deal, but instead sought to highlight the owner's taste, style and pursuit of personal interest. This will inevitably expand the overall home improvement market capacity.

3. Tooling market capacity is growing. Industry data show that the capacity of great clothes to home improvement market, the market capacity.

4. Rural market started with the construction of new socialist countryside, the rural market potential for the beginning consumer release. The vast rural market to be the next competitive focus. It can be said is "a vast world, much to accomplish."

5. "Pan District Extension" and to promote cell at this stage can not stay in the shallow level before, but should do the innovation and is the best way to promote district is District Extension's "Blue Ocean."

Fourth, sublimation

So, how to find the blue ocean communities to promote it? View of the current plot to promote operational problems, I propose the following innovation

The direction of reference and experience for colleagues:

1. To integrate the approach to co-ordinate plot promotion, the District Extension into the unified management. Launch new products such as business or distributors to promote a unified marketing, the old product price reductions, festival promotions, store opening hours. Can be used as a communication tool for communities to promote, demand the same information. When opening new stores as distributors, to special opening ceremony at the core, to promote integration of communities, the scene SHOW, outdoor banners, site promotion and other demands of products none other information. This is not just a simple plot to promote advertisements. But as part of integrated communication. For example, designers from companies and joint marketing to analyze, in general, home improvement product designers understand the business better than deep, such as ceramics in the kitchen, bathroom application design, lighting products, light of knowledge. Designers are outsiders, so when the dealer during the promotion cell can be combined with the designer. Help designers to design product applications.

2. Experience marketing (Community Service Station): In the district of the surrounding residential area, a small square room rental, lease about half a year. Consulting, services, shopping guide, product display and experience, promotion of information publishing, sales, furnishings courses in communication and promotion. Community service station is to promote the sublimation cell is an extension of the terminal company or distributor. Dealers can operate independently, but also co-brand home improvement company or other common building materials operations.

3. And the real estate marketing co-branding or other material: for example, cooperation with the real estate business model room, and released in the model room all the promotions company, product information. Can also create momentum by way of lottery, free of charge for individual property owners decoration, but requires an agreement with the owner, the additional information into the enterprise agreement. Or in conjunction with other building materials branded promotions, such as lighting and ceramics, lighting and flooring, lighting and home, or ceramics and coatings.

4. Business or membership cards to promote Super Group buy: new and old customers for the designer or the implementation of the scorecard model, based on different set different levels of consumption of breaks. At the same time, the ability to promote from channels, the general distributor of promotional ability is far better than foreign building materials supermarkets. In contrast, foreign building materials supermarkets and scientific management system, promotion, mature models. Therefore, manufacturers, as long as the management and building materials supermarkets docking, you can save a lot of promotion of trouble.

5. Trace to its source, to find the origin of residential property owners: the owners of some of the purchase of new flats extremely complex, but after some analysis of the data owners often find that a considerable number of people from the same unit. Particularly large enterprises annex level city. This situation is particularly evident. So, in that second home owners, members of the addition of a unit from the same situation, plot the positions can be considered to promote the transfer to the owners of the "nest" of.

Fifth, practice

Strictly speaking, there is no fixed way to promote communities, there is no best way, as the promotional materials category one of the ways to promote a residential one and are being explored. In China's vast market, there is no way that fits-all. The author described below, is based on actual observation and thinking industry One of the results, for reference only.

One way (to promote early stage): The opening of the core, or the festival as its core, a persuasive opening gimmick + promotions + information + District Extension + Group buy. The direction of the concrete operation is as follows:

1. Terminal for more than 20 days before the store opened, effective shopping district around the market for building materials (building materials market, the effective coverage) to investigate (sweep floor)

2. The gradual establishment of small-scale outdoor promotion group to carpet-residential real estate research, contact, to ensure a smooth fitting peak comes into operation;

3. Staffing based on operational personnel to dealers, manufacturers supplemented by operational staff. Exercise can also be factory new approach to mobilizing New staff uniform operations for a regional focus.

4. Registered owner of the files, including name, phone number, address, purchase requirements, housing area, is expected to fitting time. If the investigation encountered some resistance. May take a voluntary approach, that is, cooperation with the district sales office or property, to implement the principle of voluntary registration. In order to protect the effect of registration, the registered owner, free delivery of a small gift. And to provide appropriate promotional information (such as let, gift promotion, etc.), service information (Free home decoration, etc.), sought to target effectively optimize customer data.

5. For all customer data collected by opening the promotions were released and service information (through a single page or a cell poster)

6. In the opening day of the arrangements traffic to free transport, so that customers feel the hot spot sales atmosphere. So determined to reach customers to buy, to avoid loose their source. So that customers inadvertently sparked the desire to buy.

7. To the dealer service personnel and Shopping guide staff do the basics of training and promotional considerations.

Mode 2 (follow-up): increase the residential properties for sale on the new research, tracking and set up a data file, to promote model room, to achieve a promotion to a policy by:

1. According to the results of one way (based on pre-sweep floor, and opened before the effect), in the latter part of the work carried out under regional conditions model free fitting room, residential Customers, business super buy, residential service stations, joint marketing, large-scale real estate developers and property companies and so on.

2. Combined with the characteristics of the region, based on the annual plan, put forward new properties of their respective regions to promote planning (mainly covering the model room promotion operations, and highlights projects in their respective regions, etc.) to promote the meaning and concept of cell extension, the quantity and quality to a policy to seek a breakthrough.

3. Business and professional markets wide range of ultra-organized Group buy activity in the market based on better market, will end as the main organization of property management companies Association, designer of the club, carrying members of mechanisms to strengthen the relevant functional departments and external organizations penetration and set up long-term, sustainable partnership (mature communities do not do special requests);

4. To carry out online promotion (through the Ministry of Construction Web site and the various large-scale real estate networks, etc.), use of unconventional media network to promote the promotion, subject to the Community Service Group buy for the information station or the performance of practices;

Years of professional marketing and market manager career in health care products, home appliances, building materials industry engaged salesman, communication chief, branch manager, marketing director, director of channel management positions. Rich experience and outstanding actual market performance, market management and operation of the Department, brand management, marketing planning, marketing, branch operations and management, channel management experience and experience of a certain. Believe in "I worked as the shortage in the play, lines into the Si and destroyed with the" willing to work with industry colleagues to discuss the exchange. E-mail:

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Operators to remind: strange sounds for calls do not hang back on

Recently, for there have been reflected in mobile phone users often failed to understand the phone call, and sounds for the hang up, then back past the time are usually voice or advertising messages, etc., Inner Mongolia Autonomous Mobile customer service to remind users In such calls, it is best not to call back, because this may be cash in the phone bill to lure customers back trap.

Inner mobile users, according to Zhuo reflect middle of the night, his cell phone rang, when he was about to answer, the phone was hung up. Fear of the other important things, he would call back the phone, did not think the microphone in the voice voice heard. The next day, his cell phone arrears were down and he was very surprised, because I was only two days ago to 50 this prognosis pay. When he went to 绉诲姩钀ヤ笟鍘?transferred out details of a single call after that strange phone that is out of the ghost, and phone number of inquiries that section of the phone is calling from a place of Guangxi.

Customer service said that some of these phones will return as long as a call to pay the high cost of anywhere from several dozen yuan to more than tens of dollars, so that the mobile phone users are very angry. This phone is similar to calling from overseas, they can not check these phone numbers, information, and can not phone number for this field to take corresponding measures to stop.


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